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We provide remote IT-consultants at the top of their game.
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Talent Embassy
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Talent Embassy
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Who are we?

Talent Embassy is the IT consulting company of tomorrow. We provide remote IT-consultants at the top of their game. Our international network of consultants covers profiles located in several countries today.

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Our clients: Tech- & Consulting companies

We help tech companies to move 2x faster with their cloud computing, frontend and backend development, and consulting companies to broaden their offering towards their clients by giving them access to a wider range of developers

Added value

We take soft skills & Swedish business culture seriously. We dare to say that soft skills are as important as the technical skills when working in teams. We’ve seen the added value these bring to our clients’ business.

We handpick our consultants to guarantee their knowledge and experience.

Professional coaching programme

All of our consultants have access to a professional coaching programme with focus on further developing their soft skills and knowledge of Swedish business culture.

A safe choice

Our team is based at our headquarters in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden. Via our well-established partner network in Serbia, as well as in the whole region of Western Balkans, Poland, Ukraine etc, we offer ~2 000 in-house developers with strong track records and cutting-edge expertise.

Web Application Development

When it comes to Web Application Development or front-end, back-end and fullstack development, we have experience in a wide range of fields, technologies and frameworks. We love using the latest technologies, all the while making sure they are suitable for our clients.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Apps has a special place in our hearts, and we have been providing expertise in the field long enough to see a shift both away from and towards native app development. Fortunately our expert developers span over both native and cross platform technologies, and will happily use what suits the clients needs best.

Cloud & Security

We have hands on experience of all the major could providers (AWS and Azure). We work on a daily basis with both cloud build and cloud run, and ensure repeatability and scalability using platform as a code concepts and containers. We help clients succeed in the transition from traditional on-premise environments to the cloud securely.

Embedded Development / IoT

No matter the product, when it comes to embedded software, the earlier you bring in embedded software specialists - the more likely your project will thrive. Our engineers have a wide knowledge of programming languages, processors, connectivity options, platforms and embedded programming disciplines. We have the knowhow, breadth of experience and the technical skills needed for your project to succeed.

Are you our next client?

We offer a broad network of remote IT-consultants at the top of their game.
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