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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Talent Embassy?

Talent Embassy is your trusted partner for expanding teams across borders. Our Talent Embassy Jobs platform is allowing talented software developers to work with assignments from top companies in Sweden & Nordics, UK, US and Canada. Hire remote developers to scale your development team quickly and smoothly.

How is Talent Embassy different from other remote based job providers?

It is the combination of our core business model and values that makes us different from others. We provide full-time, long-term projects to remote developers whereas most of our competitors offer more freelance jobs.

Does Talent Embassy hire fresh graduates?

Ideally, a remote developer needs to have at least 5+ years of relevant experience to get hired by Talent Embassy, but at the same time, we don't say no to exceptional developers. Create an account, upload your CV and we will do our best to see if we could offer something exciting for you.

Why our clients love us

Added Value & Quality
 •  Our developers will deliver added value & quality to your project.
 •  All developers are ready to be interviewed within 72 hours.
Risk-free Trial
 •  We offer a 100% risk-free two (2) week trial.
 •  If you stop for any reason. You pay zero.
Start in Days
 •  Flexible recruitment process done smoothly.
 •  Start with your new developer in a matter of days.
 •  Pre-vetted tech skills and live interviews.
 •  Pre-vetted soft skills important for remote work.

Does Talent Embassy take care of leading the project?

Talent Embassy is always at hand to help guide both the developers and clients during a project and to make sure that an effective working relationship is maintained throughout. However, we do not project lead the developer like a traditional agency. Our experience has shown us that the client-developer relationship is much stronger and that productivity increases when it involves direct collaboration. All developers recruited by Talent Embassy are extremely self-going and communicative and are therefore easily integrated into your team.

How does the risk-free trial period work?

We offer you a risk-free trial for two weeks and you pay only if you’re happy. Due to our comprehensive and best-in-class vetting process, we know that our developers are among the very best in their field, so we are confident that the talent matched to your engagement will be the best fit from the very start.

Are there any upfront recruitment or contract-related costs?

No. Unlike nearly all recruitment companies and many talent marketplaces, we do not require any upfront fee to cover contract-related or recruitment costs related to time and materials (T&M) contract. We are continually recruiting the best talent to our network regardless, and this is not a cost that we think should be passed on to you.

What is the big advantage of hiring consultants via Talent Embassy?

Our global and independent network of experts, specialists and partner companies is one of our greatest strengths. This makes it much easier to scale the number of developers up or down when needed. Also, Talent Embassy is a Swedish company with all that entails from a safe solution perspective. We build long-term relationships with both clients as well as self-employed small business owners and partners around the world.

What kind of software developers does Talent Embassy offer?

Talent Embassy offers Android Developers, Angular Developers, Ansible Developers, Apache Groovy Developers, Apache Hive Developers, Apache Kafka Developers, Apache NiFi Developers, Apache Spark Developers, App Developers, ASP.NET Developers, AWS Developers, AWS Lambda Developers, AWS S3 Developers, AWS SQS Developers, Azure Developers, Azure Blob storage Developers, Azure Cloud Developers, Azure Data Factory Developers, Azure Queue Developers, Azure Synapse Developers, Backbone Developers, Back-end Developers, Bash Developers, BigQuery Developers, Blazor Developers, Bootstrap Developers, C# Developers, C Developers, C++ Developers, Caffe Developers, CakePHP Developers, Capistrano Developers, Cassandra Developers, Cloud Developers, Cloudera Developers, CocoaPods Developers, CodeIgniter Developers, Computer Vision Developers, Cordova Developers, Cypress Developers, Dart Developers, Data Scientists, Databricks Developers, Data Engineering Developers, DevOps Developers, Digital Ocean Developers, Django Developers, Docker Developers, Drupal Developers, DynamoDB Developers, ElasticSearch Developers, Electron Developers, Elixir Developers, Embedded Developers, Ember.js Developers, Entity Framework Developers, ES5/ES6 Developers, Espresso Developers, ETL Developers, Express.js Developers, F# Developers, Firebase Developers, Flask Developers, Flutter Developers, Freelance Developers, Front-end Developers, Full-stack Developers, Game Developers, Gatsby Developers, Glide Developers, Golang Developers, Google Cloud Platform Developers, Grafana Developers, Graphics Developers, GraphQL Developers, Grunt.js Developers, HBase Developers, Heroku Developers, Hibernate Developers, Ionic Developers, Ionic 2 Developers, iOS Developers, IT consulting Developers, Java Developers, JavaScript Developers, Jenkins Developers, Joomla Developers, jQuery Developers, Keras Developers, Klarna API Developers, Knockout.js Developers, Koa Developers, Kotlin Developers, Kubeflow Developers, Kubernetes Developers, Lamp Developers, Laravel Developers, Less CSS Developers, Linux Developers, Magento Developers, MariaDB Developers, Maven Developers, Microservices Developers, Microsoft Power BI Developers, Microsoft Silverlight Developers, Mockito Developers, MongoDB Developers, MS BI Developers, MSSQL Developers, MySQL Developers, NativeScript Developers, Neo4j Developers, Nest.js Developers, .NET Developers, NET Core Developers, Next.js Developers, NGINX Developers, NgRx Developers, Ninja Developers, NLP Developers, Node.js Developers, NumPy Developers, Nuxt.js Developers, Objective-C Developers, OpenCV Developers, Openvino Developers, Pandas Developers, Perl Developers, Phalcon Developers, PHP Developers, Pimcore Developers, PostgreSQL Developers, Postman Developers, PrestaShop Developers, Programming Developers, Project Managers (PMs), Python Developers, Qlik Sense Developers, QlikView Developers, React.js Developers, React Native Developers, Redis Developers, Redux.js Developers, Retrofit Developers, Rspec Developers, Ruby Developers, Ruby on Rails Developers, Rundeck Developers, RxJs Developers, Salesforce Developers, Sapper Developers, Sass Developers, Scala Developers, Scikit-learn Developers, SciPy Developers, Scrum Masters, Selenium Developers, Serverless Developers, Shopify Developers, Snowflake Developers, Developers, Software Developers, Spree Developers, Spring Developers, Spring Boot Developers, SSAS Developers, Storybook Developers, Svelte Developers, SVM Developers, SVN Developers, Swift Developers, Symfony Developers, Tailwind Developers, TensorFlow Developers, Teradata Developers, Terraform Developers, Tesseract Developers, Testers, Test Developers, TestNG Developers, Thymeleaf Developers, Tomcat Developers, Topic Modelling Developers, T-SQL Developers, TypeScript Developers, UI Developers, UIKit Developers, Unity Developers, Unity3D Developers, Unreal Engine Developers, UX Developers, Vagrant Developers, VBA Developers, VB.NET Developers, Visual Basic Developers, Vue.js Developers, Vuetify Developers, Web Developers, WebKit Developers, WebRTC Developers, WooCommerce Developers, WordPress Developers, WPF Developers, Xamarin Developers, XGBoost Developers, XML Developers, XSLT Developers, xUnit Developers, Yii Developers, Zend Developers.

What if the chosen software developer does not perform well?

We usually practice a bi-weekly follow-up with our clients where our consultants performance is discussed. This way we minimise the risk of not acting on something that might need to be adjusted. If a client’s needs are not met after the adjustments, we will offer a replacement with adequate profile and an on-boarding of the new consultant for free.

Why is there a software developer shortage?

Every aspect of our society is or will go through a huge digitalisation transformation. If you add the fact that every country in the world needs to apply the same process you soon realise that the amount of software developers required is huge. Only in Sweden it is predicted a shortage of 70.000 software developers of various kinds until 2024.

What does hiring remotely mean?

Hiring remote work consultants means that our developers work from their home countries on either the clients' devices or on their own. However, the consultants are available for on-boarding and team building at the clients' location.

Is it safe to hire remote software developers via Talent Embassy?

We only work with service provider partner companies who have great track-records, high client satisfaction and more, pls. see the Testimonials section on the start page for more info. Based on all the steps in our process where quality is secured I would say that it is completely safe to hire software developers from Talent Embassy.

Why are remote software developers here to stay?

The pandemic has contributed to higher understanding towards remote work in general. Most developers are nowadays expecting to be able to work from home. This has in turn led to a shift in policy and mentality among tech companies offering high percentage and up to 100% remote work in order to not miss out on attracting top talents.

Where are your software developers located?

Our partners are all located in the CET time zone which simplifies the everyday communication a lot and makes it more effective. The majority of our partners are reachable via approx. 1,5-2h flight from any destination in western part of Europe with several flight per week, which makes it flexible when planning for on-boarding of new team members and teambuilding activities.

Difference between hiring Swedish vs. software developers outside of Sweden, i.e. internationally?

The differences are smaller than you might think as the tech domain is evolving fast. Methodologies such as Scrum and Agile are widely used and certifications for various programming languages and platforms are the same as the ones used in the western part of the world. Same goes for the global trends and tech domains, and more. Simply speaking, ‘same type of language’ is used in communication and work which makes it much easier when it comes to collaboration.

How good is the English knowledge amongst Talent Embassy’s consultants?

The first step of our screening process is a comprehensive English language and communication interview evaluation. English is used as a second language and considered to be the standard medium of instruction for daily business communications.

What are the advantages of a diverse workforce?

Working with people from different cultures gives different perspective on things. It is no secret that diversity is a huge contributor related to innovation and success. Experiments and tests will be more powerful and diverse. Everyone benefits from a diverse workforce.

How do I hire a software team?

You start my contacting us. We book a short video call. You share your project, challenge or assignment with us, thereafter we jointly define developer profiles needed. We get back to you with matching profiles. You choose which ones you want to interview. Once they pass your interviews, you choose which ones to hire. We sign a SoW and set a start date for the software developers.

Do you only offer remote software developers?

Talent Embassy offers software developers in and outside of Sweden. The ones located outside of Sweden are only available for remote work with the exception of on-boarding and team building which may need to be carried out on site at the clients' location.


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